• Auto Complete Sample
    DescriptionThis autocomplete sample supports multiple words and multiple provider types (Solr, Search Server, Google, Bing). Settings can be modified in the autocomplete.js file.Also note that the autocomplete for Solr and Search Server works by splitting keywords on singular terms and concatena...

  • Basket Manager Framework API code sample
    DescriptionWith the roll out of the e-commerce Framework API in version 9, there has been many customers interested in implementing this API on its own and in tandem with the Ektron e-commerce server controls. The example presented below is for working with an e-commerce Basket Manager.  Re...

  • Binding Default Search Button with Ektron Form Control
    DescriptionThe formblock control takes the default button on a template which is undesired behavior when a search box and button need to have priority. ResolutionThe sample code here will demonstrate the ability to bind the default button to the search and steal it from the formblock.

  • Blog Strategy Sample Extension
    DescriptionThis sample demonstrates the use of Ektron CMS Extensions and Blog APIs.  It will fire off events for the addition of a blog post or blog comment. It will send an email to users who are subscribed to a blog or a blog post.  Default tokens and sample email messages are built into the e...

  • Blog Subscription Tests Template
    DescriptionThis sample allows user to add,  get, and remove subscriptions to a Blog.  This sample also allows user to add a post to a blog or add a comment to an existing post. ResolutionCode Download

  • Blog Test Template
    DescriptionSample test template of a blog server control.ResolutionCode Download Your query string should look like blogtest.aspx?id=x where x = the blog id   

  • Change Searchable Flag
    DescriptionWhen updating the searchable content flag in the workarea for a folder, it only changes any new content items that are created after the change was made. This template can set the searchable flag on a piece of content or update an entire folder to change the flag value for the individ...

  • Check Forum Subscriptions
    DescriptionThis sample checks forum subscriptions for boards, forums and topics for a single user or a group of users. ResolutionCode Download

  • Clickless Auto Sign In with AD SSO
    DescriptionThis is a sample to implement a clickless auto sign in with AD SSO using the UserAPI.  Resolution The security settings for the test template need to be the same as the autologin template described in the documentation.Adjust security for autologin.aspxCode Download

  • CMS Login Test Template
    DescriptionSample template to test cms login control both with standard logins as well as single sign on (SSO)ResolutionCode Download

  • Community Documents Server Control
    DescriptionCommunity document server control can be used to test with users or groups. (group is set by default). To use this control enter a user or group id in the querystring as the ID parameter and type="user" if you don't want to use the default group property (ex. http://site.com...

  • Content Block Test Sample
    DescriptionSample of a Content Block. Use dynamic parameter to pass the id of the html content dynamically. Example: SiteName/ContentBlock.aspx?id=(Id of Content) Or set the id of the html content item in the controls property.  Example:  DefaultContentID=""  /> ResolutionCode Sample

  • Content Generation Sample
    DescriptionThis sample generates test content in a folder using the Framework API (ContentManager). You can specify the folder id and the amount of content items to create. This sample creates regular html content items. ResolutionCode Download

  • Creating Plugins for 8.6 Editor (3rd Party)
    DescriptionThis article discusses building your first custom plugin for the new 3rd party editor compatible with Ektron 8.6.ResolutionWith the release of 8.6, Ektron has incorporated a 3rd party editing tool that is tightly coupled with our editing experience after installation. After enabling t...

  • Customized way to add class selection in Aloha
    DescriptionOut of the box, the aloha editor uses a file named styleconfig.js to allow you to select styles and classes via the Advanced Inspector plugin to insert into your content. In previous versions, the content designer editor offered a way to add in classes to content by using a dropdown a...

  • Detect Preview Mode
    DescriptionSample illustrates how to read the ecm cookie as well as the API to tell if you are in preview mode. (note that this sample uses the framework api for the user manager so it may not work in older versions) ResolutionCode Download

  • Displaying Library Images Using Framework API and .Net Server Control
    DescriptionThe following code sample show how to input a library image ID and display the corresponding image on the template. The image displays in a .Net server control that permits added development functionality.  Resolution<%@ Page Language="C#" %> <!DOCTYPE html>...

  • Ektron CMS ASP.NET MVC Sample
    DescriptionIf you are looking for more information on how to implement an MVC application we have a sample below for your testing and convenience. ResolutionEktron CMS ASP.NET MVC Sample The Ektron MVC sample site is a lightweight version of the Ontrek site built to demonstrate how easy ...

  • Ektron's EPiServer Find Provider indexing page as smart desktop widget
    DescriptionThis is a code sample on how to implement Ektron's EPiServer Find default.aspx page as workarea widget for testing purposes. This sample was tested on a 9.1SP1 min site using the EPIServer Find NuGet packages default.aspx template allowing you to reindex the website ResolutionCod...

  • Flex Menu Sample
    DescriptionThis is a code sample for a flex menu for testing purposes: Included in the download:Sample Flex Menu CSS fileSample Flex Menu XSL fileSample Template Resolution Code Sample

  • Forum Test Template
    DescriptionTemplate to test functionality of the forum server control ResolutionCode Download

  • Generate Smartform XSD
    DescriptionA sample web service to generate a smartform xsd rather than exporting from the smartform in the workarea. ResolutionCode DownloadRelated LinksGenerate Class for Smart Form

  • Generate Taxonomy Node Sample
    DescriptionSample code to generate multiple taxonomy nodes under a subnode for testing. ResolutionCode Download

  • Generic Caching Wrapper
    DescriptionThis sample is a generic cache wrapper that you can implement on your website. It allows you to change the the duration as well based on an enumeration.The code should be placed in the App_Code/CSCode folder. ResolutionCode DownloadPlease note that this does not do security trimm...

  • Get Content HTML via Ajax
    DescriptionThis is a sample of how to get html content via an ajax post. Add ?id=x to the querystring where x = content idResolutionCode Download

  • Get ContentData List Code Sample
    DescriptionGet list of content based off the folder ID.ResolutionCode Download

  • How to add an alias using the framework API
    DescriptionThis sample shows the use of the AliasManager and AliasRuleManager framework APIs. It will demo the adding of manual and automatic alias rules. ResolutionCode Download

  • How to Assign Metadata to a Blog Folder Programmatically
    DescriptionThis article contains a sample template that demonstrates the use of Ektron APIs to assign metadata to a blog folder.The blog folder type is a unique folder that cannot be updated using the conventional FolderManager framework.If used, the FolderManager.Update and FolderManager.Assign...

  • How to make the Editor toolbar float?
    DescriptionHow to make the Editor toolbar float CauseIn 9.1 by the default the editor's toolbar is set in one spot, however others may have gotten use to it floating which would allow the end-user to pin the toolbar where they wanted it. Here are the steps to change it back to being a float...

  • How to obtain geographical information based on IP address using API
    DescriptionThis is a code sample on how to obtain the geographical information based on user IP address for testing purposes: Note: This will not work for private IP addresses ONLY public IP addresses. ResolutionCode Sample Please note that this sample can be used in conjunction with the ...