• Integration Types
    There are a number of different ways that Episerver Personalization can be integrated with Episerver and other platforms. The graphic below gives an overview of the benefits and limitations of each:   As you can see from the above table, the different integration options will suit different cust...

  • Catalogue feed specification
    Click here to download the most recent feed documentation.

  • Episerver Native integration guide
    Episerver Personalization integration for Commerce If you are running Episerver Commerce v11.3 or later, there is a native integration supported which allows integration between an Episerver Commerce site and the Episerver Personalization service. This is done via a Nuget package which is install...

  • JavaScript API integration guide
    Click on the link below to download the the most recent JavaScript API integration documentation. 

  • Server-to-Server API integration guide
    Click here to download the the most recent Server-to-Server API integration documentation. 

  • SMART-API integration guide
    The SMART-API is an API that the client calls which, primarily, returns product recommendations or content. The client sends the API a request containing information about the user and the transaction. The SMART-API returns a list of recommended products. These recommendations can be shown on a c...